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My Therapeutic Approach

My therapeutic approach is rooted in psychodynamic and relational therapy. In other words, I value the relationship I have with my clients, as it plays an important role in the healing process. I strive to provide a non-judgmental, safe, and comfortable space for you to share your story and what it is that’s bringing you to take the brave step of beginning therapy. 

People often find that gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships helps increase their ability to work through conflict and break away from old patterns that no longer serve them. Over time, people tend to develop ways of thinking and behaving that
can negatively impact daily functioning, feelings of self-worth, and ultimately perpetuate a cycle of negative self-talk. 


Together, we will work on understanding some of the root causes of your difficulties. Through exploration, we will work on understanding the function of your thoughts and beliefs and how they have impacted you. We will then practice replacing those thoughts and core beliefs with more encouraging, helpful, positive, and truthful beliefs.

About Me

I have 10 years’ clinical experience working with children, adolescents, families, and young adults in various settings with different modalities of therapeutic intervention. I have experience providing services to children and families, using a number of different modalities, including individual, dyadic, and family therapy. I work primarily with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, trauma, attachment disruptions, ADHD, learning disorders, self-esteem, and relationship challenges.

I received my doctorate from the California School of Professional
Psychology, San Francisco. I have extensive clinical training working with children ages 0 – 18. I have experience working as a behavioral consultant with pre-school aged children where I provided hands on therapeutic support, intervention, and consultation. I worked as a school therapist in both an elementary and high school setting where I provided individual therapy and group therapy for children who were identified in their Individualized Education Plan’s (IEP) as needing therapy to support
challenges associated with their learning or social interpersonal needs.


I have experience utilizing dyadic or infant-parent mental health

therapeutic interventions in home based and clinic-based settings. By providing dyadic therapy, I was able to support parents and caregivers in understanding, building, and strengthening the parent-child relationship.

I completed an intensive 2-year internship and postdoctoral fellowship in a child psychotherapy program at Ann Martin Center, in Emeryville, CA. During this internship, I worked both in the center and at a local school providing psychotherapy and parenting support.


2011— Bachelors of Science in Psychology
Saint Mary’s College of California
2014— Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology
California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant, San Francisco
2016 — Doctorate of Clinical Psychology
California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant, San Francisco


APA Accredited Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Internship Ann Martin Center in Emeryville


The Association of Sibling Abuse in Childhood and Adult Anxiety and Self-Esteem


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